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Being an aged sheng puer I used my usual yixing pot to brew it with, however I must admit I should try it with a gaiwan too, for the result wasn’t satisfactory enough.

First few infusions were about 3-4 sec, later 10-15 sec.
I washed the tea on 85C but continued to brew it with 95C.

3-4 sec: the tea has the phenomenal scent of fallen leaves, combined with the mild sourness and some musty note I couldn’t really grasp. The body is relaxed, and has a rather smooth texture, but as for the aftertaste there’s a rough sharpness that was a little bothering at first. Fortunately, later on it faded away, and let the tea expand.

After the first few steeps I could clearly feel the caffeine emerging in me. Strong as it was, it was different from that of a coffee’s — more delicate, and rather effected my consciousness than my body.

Around the 5-6 infusions the started to taste as an average sheng: slightly fruity, varying sweet-sour that stimulates saliva production. Nothing exceptional, but I was enjoying sipping it.

The two ‘features’ I missed the most are chaqi - which, perhaps due to the high caffeine content, wasn’t significant -, and the typical characteristics of a Yiwu puer: deep sweetness, round, vivid smells, and long-lasting aftertaste.


To sum it up: it’s a decent tea with some minor handicaps, but it certainly worth its price.

Flavors: Fallen leaves, Fungus, Camphor

Flavors: Astringent, Autumn Leaf Pile, Camphor, Mushrooms

200 °F / 93 °C 5 tsp 130 OZ / 3844 ML

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