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Thanks, ashmanra, for sending along this jasmine tea so I can finally get my green tea fix!

If I had to guess, this is something like a 24 oz pot – yeah okay, we do volumes now, whatever. I steeped about 3 tsp of leaf for the duration of Underground by MISSIO. While this jam is about the divergence between affluence and happiness, it resonates because it helps me explore a trend of continuous self-sabotage, missing opportunities before they arise, and experiencing circumstances that make me unable to take advantage of or appreciate the opportunities I do have.

I should be on top, but I’m always underground
Things are looking up, but I’m making myself drown

Luckily, it isn’t written anywhere that there can’t be delicious tea underground. Foremost, I am biased. I love jasmine and I have been yearning for a good green tea since December. I think one of the most important things to me in a jasmine green blend is that the tea itself should take a backseat. Under no circumstances can the tea base be noteworthy!! I want to be JASMINE-DAZZLED, I want to be JAZZLED. Nothing can distract me. If you are a vegetal green, don’t even talk to me. Swipe left. Downvote. Get out. I don’t like your walk, I don’t like your talk, you’re third wheel on my third date with jasmine and I don’t want to see your face. You’re jasmine’s annoying little brother and I know you’re here, you don’t have to say hi, you can just stay in your room on your Nintendo and let the grown-ups have their moment – capeesh?

That said, this one meets my standards. It’s smooth, mellow, and the jasmine isn’t too overpowering – in fact, I think it could even do with a flavor boost, or maybe some extra leaf. Jasmine can get away with anything on my watch, I just want it to have its way with me, okay.

I’ll be right here, just waiting underground.

Flavors: Jasmine

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 tsp 24 OZ / 709 ML

You’re welcome! I hope you find your Harney dragon pearls, but maybe you finished them? You and Miss May were drinking a lot of it, I think. And autocorrect just suggested that perhaps I meant to say “thunk” instead of think. That’s…going to keep me thinking tonight.


Quarantine’s got even autocorrect drinking.


Jazzled. Best word of the whole weekend!


Youngest, I’d suggest Teavivre’s Jasmine Silver Needle (Mo Li Yin Zhen) (though I think I just noticed ashmanra mention it in another tasting note) b/c I completely get what you’re saying about the jasmine with the tea taking the back seat! Though the tea is the highest quality, it’s the perfect base for the perfect jasmine flavor.


@tea-sipper: Jazzle me, Jasmine Silver Needle. I’ll have to bother ashmanra about it next time I see her. I do have the worst memory for teas.


“Youngest”: Yep, we have drunk many a pound of Jasmine Silver Needle together! It was a jasmine staple here years ago before I went exclusively with the Jasmine Dragon Pearls. It’s a great jasmine tea.

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Yet another from the traveling tea box! I seem to be on a tea tasting spree! Also, it seems like TeaEqualsBliss is the only one to have tried these Foojoy teas, or to have written tasting notes anyway. I’ve tried three thanks to her, and they are all delicious! Usually greens are too boring for me, but not when they are like this one! This is nice — light, buttery, sweet, almost like an oolong but sort of brothy, like it’s a light base for a soup. I needed a light tea after all the high in caffeine, indulgent teas I’ve had today. Everyone should definitely give Foojoy teas a try. They seem to be very basic, but their flavors are very complex and amazing quality.

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Of Course I am sending some of this to each of my Sororitea Sisters but I’m also passing a little bit along in the Replacement Traveling Box B.

Look for it! It’s pretty yummy!

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Shame on me – I kind of forgot I had this one hanging around – unopened! Well, today…I fixed that!

The leaves look like Young Hysson-type but the aroma is vegetal. I’ve had a few Cloud & Mist type teas before BUT this does taste quite different. It has a rounder-brothy flavor. It’s not as flat…not as grassy but not quite vegetal. It’s a bit sweet. It’s not bitter at all! It’s smooth. Very nice!

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