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obviously, from my incessant tea notes about it, oolongs are my favorite. i drink tea for benefit, and i believe the most benefits are in oolongs and pu-erhs. slightly intuitive, mostly researched. i am looking for a wholesale supply of bulk oolong and tried this one. the other teas i have had from this company are lovely, so i think it is the tea i don’t like, not the company’s blend. too dirty tasting, not balanced, slightly acrid. anyone have a formosa they love?


All true tea (white, black, green, pu erh, and yellow) have virtually the same health benefits. Powdered teas like matcha where you consume the entire leaf will have more than decanted tea. If you’re looking for antioxidents, drink green bush, a caffeine free tisane that has more antioxidants than true teas.

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