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drank German Chamomile by Frontier
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So even though I’ve had chamomile in teas before, especially this last couple of days trying out all these teas, I have no idea what chamomile tastes like. Since Arshness included both this and Egyptian Chamomile from Adagio I decided to do a little taste off. This tastes like celery water to me, if that’s even a thing. Like if you were to make a broth of nothing but celery. Odd.

Flavors: Celery

Boiling 7 min, 30 sec

hahaha… mmmm, liquid celery xD….


Throw a few more spices in there, add some salt and I got a nice light snack haha


That …. is strange. Very strange. It tends to taste “buttery”. Chamomile is like that. But celery? I can’t say I’ve ever thought of it as tasting like celery.

Did you sweeten it? A bit of honey does the trick with it for me. :)


I thought it was strange, especially after reading others tasting notes on the adagio chamomile and seeing everyone say it tastes like honey and other things that arent celery. I added honey to the adagio one, but added too much and it just made the whole 3 oz taste like straight honey. And I never noticed a celery taste in any teas I’ve had with chamomile in it. The whole thing was just weird.


Yeah. o_o I’d wonder if it’s my stash, but mine still doesn’t taste of celery to me haha.
I mean my tea cupboard is full of tea and it smells amazing so maybe cross-contamination of smells since I haven’t gotten fully sealed tins yet… but… mine still tastes good to me haha so I have no idea. Then you said you don’t like my Foxtrot so I think you’re just weird ;) Haha


I’ve never had my taste buds be so far off before it’s strange haha

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