Fujian Fuan Farmers Shen Second Outlet

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Recent Tasting Notes

This is the second teaI have from this producer. While I enjoy them both I think I prefer the Panyong http://steepster.com/teas/fujian-fuan-famers-shen-second-outlet/40699-2013-premium-spring-hilson-panyong-congou. Having said that, this is still a really nice tea with nice fruit, cocoa, and sweet notes ranging from honey, sweet potato and molasses. Brewed western style it is a very smooth rich,warming tea with a balance of sweetness and tartness.

The drt tea are mostly dark straighter blades, scattered with around 25% golden tips. The twa smells both sweet and of sharp fruit at the same time. The brewed tea is the colour of a medium red amber.

For this brewing session I used the following parameters:

1 TSP 1.35 min 90°C.

The scent was of red fruit and longan, malt, a slightly grainy note, honey, and a touch of cocoa. It has a very sweet rich scent.

The taste is of molasses, cocoa, honey, grain with malt tones, red fruit, and longan, with aftertaste of hot cocoa.

The second steep was 3 min. It had stronger grain and cocoa, notes, more malt underneath, a little less sweetness, and remains very smooth. The fruit was quite present.

I think I prefer this one with longer steeps, rather than gongfu style. When I’ve done short steeps this one is more sweet potato, and is flatter than the Panyong by the same producer. I’ve steeped it even longer than today closer to 4 minutes and it is even sweeter and richer tasted and the sharper fruit notes fade so this is one you can really cater to your preferences.

Brewed western style you can get at least three good steeps from this tea. I’ve got 7 steeps out of this using shorter steeps. Having said this. I’m glad I tried western style brewing with this one. Although I prefer the Panyong, This one is definitely a very nice tea and is growing in my appreciation.

This tea is available from several aliexpress dealers or directly from the producer on taobao. I bought it at the shop listed in the product description and had a good and timely experience, and received samples.

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This tea is still really delicious two years after it’s harvest date. I t has a great mix of cocoa, roasted notes, fruit, honey and Keemun like floral notes. I hope this tea is available through aliexpress this year I will buy it. It goes really well with dark chocolate.

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This really makes a wonderful all day tea as I regularly get somewhere between 7-11 infusions out this tea. Unlike some of my other blacks that re-steep well this one manages to keep a very consistent flavour for the first 4 or 5 infusions a well.

This one has very tightly rolled curly shiny dark brown to black leaves with some golden tips. The dry leaf smells of chocolate, sweet potato and a touch of hay.

Brewing up to a beautiful clear copper orange color the tea feels silky in the mouth like a oolong.

The tea has tastes and aromas of cocoa, blackened roasted sweet potato, plum and longan, cinnamon and at times a savoury note that ranges from rosemary to pepper, and honey and bit of malt. A sweet, cocoa, honeyed sweet potato taste lingers for quite a while. After the first steep the sweet cocoa and longan intensify, before the tea goes through a period where malt and longan dominate with a bit of cocoa and eventually the tea becomes a honey flavoured water. Really nice mellow all day tea.

This tea is sold by several aliexpress dealers. I got it at this one

The farmer has a Taobao shop fom which you can buy direct. I think he has sold out of this specific harvest but this is the most recent one.
These are his other teas
He has a 10-20 Acre farm from which he produces and sells his teas directly.

195 °F / 90 °C 1 min, 0 sec

nice sounding tea!


Hmmm… I think it’s time you and I talk swap :-)


I agree! For some reason I had it in my head that I had to wait to send everything I wanted to share with you at once, but I seemed to forget that it is possible to scale it to an oversized envelope!


The aliexpress dealer listed above has lots of teas, however this is not their main business Enter ‘tea’ in the search bar and make sure in this store is selected to see what’s available. The prices tend to be a good value in comparison to other dealers for the same teas.

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