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Recent Tasting Notes

This is a bottled iced tea/RTD that I saw in a local “health food store” that I decided to pick up and try; primarily actually because of the haskap. Since moving to Montreal I see a lot of haskap juices/jams but it’s not actually a berry I’d ever been exposed to before moving. I was curious what it would be like…

This definitely isn’t really a “tea” profile – the drink uses white tea and any character that base tea might have had has 100% been covered by the berry juice. However, the haskap is nice – it’s a thick/dense berry flavour with a little bit of tartness; it reminds me a lot, actually, of a Saskatoon Berry. Otherwise, I’d say it’s sort of blueberry adjacent in terms of flavour.

So, disappointed in this drink as a “iced tea” but happy for the learning experience and exposure to haskap…

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