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It’s somewhat difficult to get a hold of yellow teas, but this batch was exceptionally good. You can’t place this tea in-between a green tea and a white tea. It has its own unique taste—I can’t compare it to anything, which is why I guess this tea is so highly regarded. After a couple of cups you feel slightly ‘buzzed’. It was a rare find, so I stocked up on a whole bunch. I’m down to my last bag and I’ll be sad to see it go

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I found this tea really disappointing. Since I really like yellow tea, and this tea comes as little disks, shaped differently from but ultimately the same idea as pu-erh tuo cha, I thought it would be a great way to take yellow tea with me when traveling or going out. But a) it doesn’t taste like yellow tea, and b) it has no redeeming taste features. So it’s not even worth trying. In fact, I’m going to throw the remaining ones out.

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The first time i tried it i thought it was a lil muddy. But i’ve since gotten used to it.
the health benifits alone are great. Its sapose to help your blood calcium.

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