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drank Peppermint by Good & Delish
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I bought this to compare it against the other peppermint tea I bought (Jamaican Choice). The tea bag has a nicer smell, I think, but I’m not noticing a big difference in the brew’s smell or taste. I think the Good & Delish one might have a more pleasant finish, with a hint of sweetness and a more refreshing feeling left on my tongue.

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A Review of Açai Pomegranate & Blueberry Green Tea by Good & Delish

I took my one bag of this green tea and put it in my cup and adding the boiled water and leaving it to steep for a full 5 minutes. The tea’s aroma is very fruity, reminding me of the Black Currant tea I so enjoyed last year from Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.

This tea is wonderfully blended with the berries and pomegranate as the top layers of notes/flavor that one notices at once. Tea is naturally sweet with the fruits of the orange peels, hibiscus and of course the berries (pomegranate, blueberry and açai). I did not feel a need to add anything else to this tea; it is perfect as is.

Tea’s liquor is brightly red
Aroma is liken to this Black Currant Tea that I enjoyed last year
Body of tea is light to medium but not robust like black teas.

This tea smells sweetly of the hibiscus, orange peels, of the dried pomegranate with dried blueberries and the dried açai berries.

The tea is very pungent and smells strongly of fruit. It might be best enjoyed as iced tea or if preference is for a cup of hot tea, then a shorter steep in recommended.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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