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Took a random punt on Aliexpress and glad I did. This one is interesting to me. The black and white cake is tightly packed but comes away quite nicely. White buds and almost black (under home lights) first and possibly second leaves.

This is my first review and first time with this tea so I may come back and edit this with updates. After a quick rinse the lid aroma is slightly malty with a subtle sweetness that I cannot describe as my descriptive skills are somewhat lacking. Initially there is the light maltiness and hay you get with Bai Mu Dan with subtle notes of button mushroom sweetness you get with a young sheng. I am also getting a dried burley tobacco flavour. There is a lovely sweet finish to this one.

Currently on infusion 5 and the there is mild astringent coating inside my mouth and the sweetness is growing. There is no bitterness. I’m sure there are several more infusions to go. I am definitely getting a physical response to this tea, getting a little sweat on, not something I normally experience. Looking forward to giving this another go.

Flavors: Hay, Malt, Sweet, Tobacco

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Got given this as a sample in my Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid Aroma) order, which turned out to be Gu Jiaju Xiang (Ancient Furniture Aroma).

I like this TGY. Its not amazing but its ok for day-to-day drinking. You get the guan yin floral flavour and aroma, some creaminess and nuts in there. A soft vegetal thickness present too.

I oversteeped it a bit to test and it did go bitter, but nothing too bad. A slight astringency.

I would defo buy some of these to give out to all my mates as gifts, and then if anyone appreciates the taste I can go all tea mad on them.

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Nuts, Vegetal


“Tea mad” lol My family has learned to venture into my tea cupboard when I’m not there. Otherwise I’m the quintessential overzealous saleswoman.


I try to get them into it but its mostly me. They all think im mad


Ah, likewise. “What happens when you get over this tea phase?” “I’ve been in this so-called ‘tea phase’ for almost five years—pretty sure it’s not going away.” lol


the look on their faces when I show my friends my stash is priceless


Yes! The awe and wonder is so fulfilling! xD

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My first AliExpress order, I thought I would try to find a cheap oolong that I could drink all the time so as not to delve into my good stuff, I thought that while it wont be remarkable it could at least be drinkable. I really wanted to like it and will try to be neutral in my review.

This is (apparently) the Autumn 2015 Mi Lan Xiang, which is a Dan Cong I really like.

I opened the bag to be greeted by a smell which I can only describe as a dusty old sofa. It really does smell like that. Perhaps a hint of pot pourri in there. okayyy.

On to the brew, I tried this twice before deciding I am just going to bin it. It doesnt just smell like an old sofa, it also tastes like one. Like, when you were a kid (or adult) and you ate the cushions of your sofa? it tastes like that. Barely perceptible aroma, and mouthfeel of sofa dust. drying and.. salty? I didnt even get much oily weirdness at the bottom of the cup where the leaves were.

Thoughts of how this stuff was stored, and/or how old it is running through my head. I dont know if im spreading misinformation as I dont have a clue how this is stored or if its old but it doesnt taste fresh and nice to me. It really smells like old dusty furniture, not a pu-warehouse storage smell at all.

I tried to brew my current fave Mi Lan to get the taste out and the damn stuff has stuck to my mouth permeating into my current tea with its pot-pourri & dust-flavour, erm, yuck.

Bin it goes :D

p.s. I could only list ‘dust’ as a flavour because ‘old sofa’ isnt on the list

p.p.s. Also, the bag wasnt vacuum sealed, as you can get with other teas, I dont know if that is ever relevant to freshness.

Flavors: Dust

3 min, 0 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

So sorry you had a bad tea for your first Aliexpress order! I’ve gotten some great teas from Han Xiang Ecological Tea Co.


Thanks for the tip :)


Also, im not sure if this needs to air in the same way some puerh does? its been quite a long time in transit.. i’ll try it again in a week or two, maybe saying ‘bin it’ its a bit rushed


lol on eating old dusty sofa. im done with Aliexpress after they sent my pile of autumn leaves and sticks instead of Da Hong Pao. dont waste your money, even if its cheap.


you have to ask for the refund since they sold you “old sofa cushion”. im serious, no jokes


bahahaaa apparently is AAAA – one grade higher than jing tea shops mi lan.

As wise man once say ‘True ancient bush taste like ancient sofa’


Wow, at least you got an entertaining review out of it!


I had similar disappointments with JKTea’s 2010 xia guan wild raw puer and a Wuliang raw from an Amazon vendor. i remember flavors of burnt pizza. For low priced satisfying oolongs I recommend ESgreen, particularly their DaWuYe Dan Cong.


ah thanks. I love dawuye, been drinking that and Ya Shi all afternoon

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This one has promise on it. Not bitter or astringent almost a saltiness to the brew with a hit of honey and lemon. I have been 9 steeps now and it has faded some. It brews golden light orange in color. I used 15 grams in the Gaiwan and steeped away. The first infusions were pretty strong with the good throat feeling. You could feel this a minute or so after drinking. The later steeps give a touch of soap maybe? Hard to tell for sure. A good sheng for $20.00.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec

How big is your gaiwan? Mine would be spilling leaf on the floor at 15g. No wonder my tea seems to last forever. I would normally have 3-4 sessions out of 15g. Too many years of western sized tea bag programming I guess.


Mine is a 110 ml I think. I do 3 infusions in a fairness cup to fill my big ol western cup. It is a 10 oz. mug. Course I drink a lot of pu.

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