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In relation to our Insight Timer, meditation sessions, I decided to enjoy this tea as a grounding activity. I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by my schoolwork, so I decided to do my daily meditation, and after I had restored some peace to myself; make a cup of tea. I selected a hand-thrown deep purple mug that unfortunately didn’t accent the mossy green of the brew very well. The notes are deep, earthy, and grass-like. I really tried to root myself with each sip, so the natural flavor really helped. I quite enjoyed this tea, it had a simplicity that made it easily drinkable, but not bland.

Flavors: Earth, Grass, Green

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 7 OZ / 207 ML

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Carlos Nicolas Brenes Hernandez

tengo entendido que las propiedades que posee son muchas,pero me gustaria saber cuales son las mas sobresalientes,gracias

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from This is a prize winning Green Oolong from Wuyishan. The farm from where it comes is at an elevation of about 500m and is surrounded by a series of mountains with a mild climate, an abundance of moisture and rainfall all helping to form a very rich soil. In addition, there are lots of yew, osmanthus and camphor trees which give diversity to this ecosystem.
The actual seedling for this oolong was provided by the Fujian Agricultural Academy of Science, planted strictly in accordance with the rules of organic husbandry. Yue Ming Xiang, not only has the charming character of the Famous WuYi Rock teas, but also has a strong flower fragrance. It tastes sweet, mellow, fresh and bright, with a delicate nuttiness of depth. It looks round, tight and emerald green. Magnificent when drunk Gong Fu style, it has a rare Qi; both soft and inspiring. The aftertaste is relaxed and refreshing. You will want to drink more and more. It is a treasure amongst oolongs.


MMmm hooray for Oolongs!

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