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This week I’m trying to drink some teas that I have lots of/don’t actively think about…

I had this in the evening in a fillable teabag, and I just left the bag in the whole time. It’s a light/delicate tea in the first place, so this really let the flavours of the ginger and lemongrass build up to a more substantial level. Still not the most body/flavour, but it was soothing with a warming kind of ginger tickle and just a hint of orange.


The name is cute!


Clever name!

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Geek Steep S1E7 – The X-Files

This week was a fandom of Marika’s choosing, and when she picked X-Files I definitely wasn’t as excited as I’ve been for other fandoms we’ve looked at so far. I tried, years back, to get into X-Files before and I just deeply struggled with it. However, having someone to guide me through some choice episodes to watch ended up being really beneficial and I had a really good time with this geek in the end!

I’m not going to dive deep into the “why” of how I chose this tea for my watch through of the three episodes that Marika picked – you can listen to the episode for my more thorough rational, but suffice to say that choosing this tea was a stretch. I can’t remember if I mention it in the episode – but I had it as a big ass Western teapot, and I sipped it over the course of all three episodes. It didn’t really add or detract anything for me; but overall I don’t think it was the “right” tea. Maybe the right steeping method, for a binge watch…

Honestly, this was the HARDEST fandom to pair a tea with so far! I knew enough about it going in to have some ideas of what wouldn’t work but I didn’t know enough to have a guided thought process for what would work. I’d love to take a crack at picking something better in the future, though! I do think I’ll explore a bit more of this show…

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If you want to get caught up on the Geek of The Week for next Thursday, the spoiler for our explored fandom is at the bottom of our latest DB post!

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My dear, sweet mother sent me a care package recently with a bunch of teas and some of my favourite salsa! This is one of the teas she included – I guess she bought it locally? It came in a glass jar with a hand written label, and I don’t know the company name at all…

It smells really nice for what is a three ingredient herbal blend. Taste wise, it’s thin but not bad. I guess I can’t judge it for being light/thin when like 80% of the blend is lemongrass. Aside from that light citrusy profile is the addition of another citrus, orange, and a hint of warming ginger. I like how refreshing it is, and brewed extra strong for extra long I could see this being a very pleasant tisane to drink as a sick tea.

But also – I’m not opposed to simplicity in general and something about this blend despite it’s light flavour just speaks to me. Clean and straight foward flavours.

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