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I picked this with my Christmas money and have been enjoying it for over a month now.

I have to say I am highly satisfied with this. It’s my first variable temp kettle, and now that I have it I don’t think I could ever go back. This thing is amazing.

First off, it’s quiet. No beep bop boops as you punch in the buttons and no alarm when the kettle is done. Sure, that means I have to pay attention to see if my water is ready, but OTOH it will also keep the water hot for an hour afterwards if I lose track of time. It’s very laid back, this kettle.

I fill it up in the morning and then hop in the shower, to have hot water waiting for me. Perfect!

While you can’t set the temperature exactly, you do have a lot of options. In Celsius it goes up by 5 from 40-100 (or maybe lower?), while F goes up by 10. Between the two, switching back and forth, you can get it pretty close to most temperatures that you might want.

My only complaint is that I wish it boiled faster. I swear my old kettle did, but it’s hard to measure unless I set them up to race and I can’t do that. It’s still very zippy though! And it’s well worth the $45 I invested into it. Now I can drink far more greens/whites without worrying about the temperature at all!

I’m happy that Steepster steered me toward Hamilton Beach when I was shopping around!


Mine should be here Monday or Tuesday. I am so excited!


That’s great! I hope you enjoy it like I do mine!

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