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June Wedding! Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… For this month, I’ll be sampling from my collection following the old wedding addage, rotating through one of my oldest teas, one of my newest teas, a tea that entered my collection as a gift, from a trade, a cupboard sale, or a traveling tea box (let’s face it, it is kind of hard to borrow tea, but it is certainly quite sharable!), and finally a tea with a blue ingredient (pea flowers, cornflowers, blueberries, etc.!)

So this first tea is one of the oldest teas in my collection, dating back to November of 2016. I bought it from an Etsy seller, and one of the reasons why I am being so slow to sip this one up is because this particular seller no longer makes tea, and I absolultely love this tea, so I don’t want to let it go. I could probably try to make a close equivalent on BlendBee, but since I have no idea of the balances of the ingredients, and BlendBee doesn’t have black cohosh as an option, I feel I’d never be able to perfectly recreate it… I wonder if messaging the seller and begging if they’d recreate it and sell it again as a custom order when they don’t make teas anymore would be out of line…?

Thankfully for me, at least it is still holding up well in the tin provided by the seller. I absolutely love making this as a cold brew iced tea; it is extremely refreshing, with a very minty flavor that has a slightly soft, floral note and just a hint of an earthiness, but there is a strong sweet licorice root finish that lingers on the tongue that I just love (and yes, I realize the majority around here isn’t a fan of licorice root, but just let me feel my oats here). I could drink this all summer, and my quart is empty nearly the second it is brewed. Bah! I really don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of this…

Flavors: Earth, Floral, Hay, Licorice, Mint, Sweet

Iced 8 min or more 4 tsp 32 OZ / 946 ML

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