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This rooibos is so basic and plain that I’ve came to the conclusion that its best to experiment. I got this gift set lately – like a tea set for kids – strawberry themed. In it it has a small tin of strawberry, apple and other stuff. Probably some vanilla. So im trying to mix it now. One teaspoon of plain rooibos and one teaspoon of the fruity thing.

It’s not bad, there must be some lemon in it cause its a bit acid. Ill try some honey with it.

OK i got a quite decent fruit blend. Just as good as the fruit teas that are most popular in my country. Reminds me of them bit too much even. I kinda got used on having some actual tea in my teas.

All together blend is better than just plain rooibos.

Few pics:

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 30 sec

I really like pic #3. If I tried to do a cool shot like that, then I’d probably end up spilling the tea all over my keyboard and killing my laptop. ;)


lol laptop is fine so far. my bed however got soaked more than once :D


Croatian keyboards aren’t QWERTY!!! …and I don’t know why I notice that stuff…

That’s a lovely cup, though.


yep borrowed/stole that cup from mum. she got it as a gift.
lol good notice. indeed out keyboards are QWERTZ ;) next time i’ll reveal all the weird letters hidden under the cup…

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ok so again a new tea from something that isn’t like anything i ever tasted before.
its the second time i’m drinking it. didn’t really like it first time. its pure rooibos content. just that. no caffeine either. i bought it in a pharmacy as a medical tea meant to strengthen the immune system.

taste – i put in more sugar this time (one teaspoon). makes it way better. reminds me a bit of that hibiscus taste that i can find in rose bud tea my mum always drinks. i used to like that tea. then they decided to mix it with hibiscus and it became less tasty. tho back then a sweetened fruit tea was the only kind id consider drinking. i’m liking new stuff these days. its an decent tea. quite drinkable. pretty basic with aromas. i like the other ones better tho. i got a feeling that a mix with citrus fruit or something could make rooibos tea much better. maybe vanilla. its asking for something else to make it great. but even like this – its healthy, it tastes decent and its very refreshing. still good cold.

color – that i love. deep clear orangy. really looks good.

smell – weird and stronger than all the other ones i had so far. not bad.

ill leave it with a humble vote. because i’m sure there are way better rooibos teas out there. just gotta discover it…

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