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Yayyy Kombucha! I have yet to brave into the great frontier of making my own, (I really don’t know why I have not done that yet…) so in the meantime, I guzzle down overpriced bottles from Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and the like. Kombucha is really the only other thing I drink, besides making my own hot/iced teas, and water. I wonder if it even counts?

I admit, I like my cold drinks fizzy. So for people looking to kick the soda habit, I think that this is a better substitute than actual tea. Yes, it’s fermented, but my dear soda drinker, don’t let that scare you. Depending on the brand, kombucha can be sugary sweet, or almost like a beer.

I am only giving this a lower rating because I think that there are better kombuchas out there.

This falls under the ‘almost like beer’ category. If I wasn’t told that this was supposed to be a root beer substitute, I could not have told you. It’s like drinking a non-alcoholic IPA. Which sounds odd, but I quite like it. It’s got a lot of probiotics, which I don’t really give a damn about, (I poop just fine thank you!) but it is really nice on an upset stomach. There are better brands out there, (Try Dr. Brew, Bucha! And GT’s) and better fake ‘root beer’ kombuchas as well. But I like to switch it up every now and again.

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This is a fringe post for Steepster since this requires no steeping but it does have tea so it wins a place here.

I just discovered Wild Root a few weeks ago. All the health benefits of kombucha aside, this stuff tastes great! It’s a combination of an old time sarsaparilla and root beer but there’s no sugar and the flavors are very subtle.

I stick to a gluten-free diet which means no beer for me. I’ve found that this drink, with its carbonation and spicy-bitter flavor, is actually a passable substitute for ale.


Very interesting.

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Look out regular root beer now there’s something healthier! This is my new favorite ready to drink tea based beverage. Love that it is all organic and Fair Trade.

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