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Cold barley tea really is just about the perfect thing for scorching hot weather if you can’t be drinking mint juleps, and better for you. Like pu-erh, barley tea is supposed to help cleanse the organs.

This particular variety has a much more roasty/toasty sweetness than the varieties I’ve purchased in large, Asian import grocery stores here in the USA.

Just steep an entire pitcher of it for at least half an hour in tepid water, then move to the fridge. No need for ice if you keep the whole thing cold.

Iced 8 min or more

It definitely should taste more roasty toasty because it is the kettle roasted variety, which is very popular. Yum!

Jim Marks

Well… it does. I got nothin’

Charles Thomas Draper

I have to try it. Thanks for the info….

Vetrii IAS Academy Chennai

I would like to taste once..

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