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Cupped this one today when I got home from work…

Even though the name clearly takes reference from what is a typical “classic roast” for this style of green tea, I had a good laugh that the newest tea in their assortment is called “Classic” when usually, for a company, the Classic ‘flavour’ is typically the first or one of the first they carry. It’s nice, though the most overtly “green tasting” of the line up, in my opinion. Reminds me of those roasted seaweed snacks you can get at the Asian Market, with peanut or sesame paste notes too.

The Dark Roast is still my favourite, though the one I tried a few days ago was damn good too. For those keeping score, yes I do own this company’s entire catalog of tea now. I really like Hojicha…

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEctyNyAyee/

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1U2-4OBl08

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I’ve been eyeing this and the Hanamitsu for a while, and recently Hojicha released a “Classic” roast so I caved and just ordered myself one of each – so now I happen to own the entire Hojicha Co assortment. That’s a whole lot of Hojicha!!

The order arrived today, so I broke into one of the bags straight away. This is definitely different from what I normally go for in Hojicha (I like a DARK roast) but I’m surprisingly enjoying it a lot. It’s described as tasting kind of like a cozy log cabin, and I sort of get that. There’s a sweet nuttyness to the top notes of this hojicha, but then the body has a really unique flavour/feeling that I’ve not experienced in hojicha so much. It’s like there’s just a hint of cinnamon/cassia oil! It’s a subtle and quite woody tasting cinnamon flavour but with that kind of “hot” feeling on the tongue that you only get with intense cinnamon oils/flavouring. It’s strange how I’m getting the sensation while the flavour is a lot calmer. It works really well with the roasted notes and nuttiness, and deeply feeds into the log cabin kind of vibe.

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Technically this isn’t matcha, but it’s pretty darn close and I’m gonna count it for the day. I was kindly gifted this hojicha powder by the delightful TeaWithJann ! She’s so sweet!

It’s unsurprisingly amazing. Everything I’ve had from Hojicha Co. has been fantastic so far. It smells sweet, toasty, nutty and inviting and all whisked up it’s easy to build up a thick froth. The taste first struck me as tasting like popcorn, but upon deeper reflection and more tasting I realized it was more that it reminded me of sweet, caramelized and nutty tasting Cracker Jack popcorn – but heavy on the peanut. Very toasty and smooth, and quite cozy for a chilly morning where the weather seems unable to decide if it wants to rain or not…

Can’t wait to experiment with this one even more!

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDbfUWKg44I/

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSsHCZbDKRo


Oh, I love hojicha, and that sounds amazing.

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drank Hojicha Dark Roast by Hōjicha Co.
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I have to say I was afraid of this one in comparison to the gold roast since I thought it would be more roasty and more akin to coffee. However, trying them side by side, I think this is actually smoother than the gold roast somehow. I think because the overall sip is that roasty, smokey, vegetal quality vs. the gold roast where the roastiness comes in more to the end of the sip and lingers in the aftertaste.

This, to me, is less umami and more nutty and the consistency of the flavor makes it seem like I am drinking a liquid version of roasted nuts. Of the two Roswell Strange so kindly shared with me, this is surprisingly the one I like a lot more. In fact, this mug is done and I am still working on the gold roast. Thank you Roswell Strange for the chance to carry out this fun experiment!

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drank Hojicha Gold Roast by Hōjicha Co.
5186 tasting notes

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Roswell Strange is awesome and shares all the teas with me so when she exploded my cupboard in December, this was among the tea explosion. In addition, she also gave me the Hojicha Dark Roast from the same company to try so today I am trying them side by side.

I steeped them according to Hojicha Co’s instructions: 8 g/250 mL in 80C water for this one and 90C water for the Dark Roast for 30 seconds.

Hojicha is not my favorite but as far as they go, this one is quite nice. It’s got the classic hojicha roastiness of course but it is very smooth. It is sort of two note in the sense that the front of the sip is a sweeter/umami flavor and the back end of the sip is when the roast pops up and lingers in the aftertaste. I think that makes the roastiness stand out a bit more so if that’s the quality that you want in a hojicha, this has it in spades.

The website boasts caramel sweetness for this one but I am not really getting that. Unless it is umami caramel, that is a little burnt.

Thank you Roswell Strange for sharing both teas. Of the two, I thought for sure this would be my preference but while I can tell it is a good quality hojicha, I much prefer the dark roast.

Roswell Strange

I like both of them a lot, but the dark is definitely my preferred as well.

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The flavour of the dark roasted Hojicha is everything I had hoped it would be. It’s earthy and grassy but the smoky roasted flavour is a larger note. To me, this flavour profile is extremely cozy and soothing. It’s extremely rich and strong.

Flavors: Dark Wood, Earth, Grass

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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I definitely had to up the rating on this. Not sure what I was thinking before. I’ve been drinking this quite a lot because it’s absolutely delectable, and the rain we’ve had lately makes for perfect toasty hojicha weather.

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This is my first foray into hojicha, and I was not disappointed. A mild roasted note, with caramel and a slight nuttiness. So comforting and delightful. I can’t wait to try the hojicha powder that I also ordered.

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Western style mug!

This is still super good as a Western brew, but admittedly it’s leagues better when prepared Gongfu – it definitely feels a little richer and when nuanced when prepared that way. That said, this is still deep and toasty with a caramelized sugar and roasted hazelnut sort of vibe. I love me a good mug of cozy Hojicha!

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Had a mug of this last week but I did the thing where I just guzzled the mug and didn’t really take mental note of it, and now I don’t remember exactly what it tasted like aside from the fact that I definitely really liked it and the finish was a little mineral/metallic.

I’ll make this again and be more observant, though!

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Gongfu – trying it out first in something ceramic before I start drinking it w/ my Hojicha dedicated yixing pot. This company was one I found on instagram, and I noticed a few teaple who’s taste I trust had ordered from them, some come Autumn and the change of season I decided to bite the bullet and do a trial order. I actually think they seem well priced, and shipping was very reasonable as well. Order showed up quickly, too!

Does looking at rabbit fur glaze make anyone else emotional or is that just me!? Very happy to finally have a rabbit fur glaze piece of teaware in my collection – picked this one up from Camellia Sinensis! Broke it in this afternoon with this trial run Gongfu session.

This tea is actually amazing though!! It starts off very smooth and toasty, with sort of a medium-ish roast and plenty of grilled peanut/hazelnut brittle notes and caramel sweetness! There’s a mild and pleasant astringency, which hits at the side of the mouth. Soft undertones of a sweet juicy/ripe red currant type of note transition into a more prominent finish. The delicious aftertaste of raw hazelnut and a coppery/mineral taste lingers for so long!! As the session progressed it just got more and more hazelnut heavy in taste. Damn this is gooooooddd!!

Makes me very excited to try out the dark roast, as well!

Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B30LSuKgXRb/

Song Pairing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5XajZNGbHo

Special shout out to my coworker Steven, as well, who has been helping me tackle The Mountain Goat’s very expansive discography…


Rabbit fur glaze is beautiful, especially when deep blue.

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