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Ok, this is my favourite kombucha so far! It’s funny, I actually grabbed it because of all the flavours I chose I figured that this would be the safest bet and I suppose I was correct, because I adored this. That said, it also pleasantly surprised me with just how much I enjoyed it.

It was certainly more of a strawberry flavour than lemonade; very rich and sweet! It read as so pleasantly ripe and juicy! Also a little syrupy/jammy – in the same way that freshly made strawberry waffle topping is. You know, the stuff that starts off as fresh made strawberries and then gets mixed in with sugar so that the fruit breaks down and gets all tender/soft and delicious. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve had then you’ll know exactly what I mean. That’s not to say it didn’t have the lemonade element; but it was lighter. very fresh though; the whole drink just evoked the feeling/taste of fresh fruits and lemonade. The kind of fresh squeezed, sweetened lemonade that a five year old would slap together to sell on their front yard. Made with love, and labor.

No typical kombucha bite, either. Just pure, smooth delicious fruity goodness! I’ve never seen this company before in Canada, so if anyone has please let me know where! I definitely, definitely want to seek this out if I can! It was just so incredibly perfect.

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