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my first time to try houjicha. I steeped it in my tea pot after water cooled down for a couple of minutes in the kettle. by the way, I am not a measuring type. it smells wonderful, reminds me of rice getting steamed with a slight crust in mom’s kitchen. it has full body when I feel the liquor in the mouth. It has a taste of again, rice crust, distinct after-taste on the tongue. Color is a warm golden brown. Overall, I feel this is a good everyday household tea that will go well with eating meals.
Oh, I found out about houjicha on twitter.
it has lower caffeine, because it is made of mostly green tea stems and twigs…I guess traditionally it would be considered cheap tea. So it turns out extra surprising. it was quite cheap, too. I paid like $12 for 2 or 4 oz…

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