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Montreal Festival – Tea #18

I don’t think imPRESS is technically a tea company!? I know I’ve seen them around Montreal, but I’m pretty sure what I’ve normally seen them carry is a line up of different juices!? Regardless, they were at the festival with a collection of cold brewed tea beverages. I tried the oolong version, which was a pineapple and jasmine flavour.

I was very pleasantly surprised! The oolong was pretty light/mild – but with it being a greener and more floral oolong it worked really well with the two other main flavour notes here. Pineapple was the strongest, though still very light and refreshing – had a bit of a tangyness to it, but not acidic. Jasmine was very fresh, and definitely did that weird “grapey jasmine” thing that I find happens to me with jasmines teas. I was actually surprised how well everything flowed together, and were it not for the fact I’d have had to carry it around this is something I might have actually picked up a bottle or two of!

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