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Ok, so as much as I LOVE my Mayan Chocolate Chai, I’ve never had authentic chai so I thought it was time that I go to our one Indian restaurant and try it. Unfortunately I think I’ll be saving the money (and the almost half hr drive one way) and keep drinking my chai at home.

It tasted like slightly chocolately chocolate sticky rice milk w/ a hint of cardamom… I love green cardamom pods in my chai, but I guess I don’t like them when they’re the only spice. Our waiter (of Indian decent) knew NOTHING about chai… he tried to tell me they put garlic in it. Yeah he got his spices fubared. The one thing I did appreciate is that it was not teeth rottingly sweet as I had feared. It was no sweeter than… well chocolate sticky rice milk. Note to self: I’ll never buy actual rice milk.

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