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Lets give this tea a go, it’s about time I used this sample. Lunch time here after a busy morning of making jewellery for roughly 30 orders. A slice of toast and cup of tea is definitely in order.

It just looks like sugar with a slight spicy kick of ginger. Not as strongly ginger as I was hoping for but it may pick up in the steep. I have always found instant drinks to be strange.

Colour is cloudy burnt yellow and has a soft but sweet smell of ginger. Flavour is fiery but sweet and stronger than it’s scent. Like a nice strong ginger ale that’s been warmed by the sun.

Nice and pleasant considering it’s an instant drink. Would drink more of this if I had it. Would consider buying it in small amounts as it would make a great winter drink.

Terri HarpLady

Glad to hear that biz is going good!


Where can you buy this in the UK ?
tried looking every where and cant get it


Sorry Sammy but I believe this was a sample someone included into a tea swap, so I didn’t actually buy it. If I see it for sale in UK I will let you know but for now I’m afraid that I cannot help you.


@Sammy2406 I found a place online in UK that sells them though they are somewhat expensive.

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Thursday Dec. 23, 2010
3rd Steep of the Day
Need some Stomach settling so went for Ginger.
This Jahe Wangi Instant is my Favorite Ginger Product.
2 Packs for a Large Mug add Boiling Water.
Strong Ginger Just what the Stomach needs.
What a Treat.
Keep on Steepin

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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