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Sunday Sipdown #2!

Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting to be the first one reviewing this tea.

I got it through a swap with Jude about a month back. It’s smooth but not really stand-up-and-notice good. The rice in it smells and tastes kind of like wheat bran/wheat germ, which isn’t a bad thing.

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I’m VERY sure I have already logged this…will have to look for a merge for Ricky! Anyhow…backlogging a bag…

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I got a teabag of this in my fire sale/tea clearing out box from Emilie. Tonight is going to be long and full of work, so I needed something to keep me alert and perky, but is low maintenance to make. Bagged assam fits that perfectly! I’m honestly not even in a “tea mood” but I find when that happens I need to push through and make something simple that I know I’ll like, or I end up taking an extended tea break.

This is a simple but nice assam. It’s bold, bright, brisk… lots of b-adjectives. It’s not overly complex and is quite smooth, with a soft molasses tone. There’s not a lot of malty-ness, which is a bit disappointing since that’s my favorite aspect of assam. But for a bagged tea it’s quite pleasant!

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With a title like adventure blend you’d expect a pretty exciting tea. This assam from the now defunct Justin LLoyd company is actually not bad. Strong but also very smooth, perfect for early morning. Because of the smoothness I don’t think it needs any milk. I think I picked this up for a buck at home goods or something, it seemed very sad with all the discount stickers piled on top of each other. Seeing as how the company has disappeared I don’t think its even possible to find this tea anymore. Well nevermind it ain’t the holy grail but very serviceable for teabag tea.

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