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Finally, I tried this moringa and spearmint herbal mix. It’s the one I was most cautious of because the herbal taste of moringa can be unpleasant but it’s well balanced here with sweet and crisp spearmint!! Quite a cozy tea, and similar feeling to a Moroccan Mint. I think it would go great with honey or a squeeze of fresh lemon.

And that’s a wrap on the KayTea Summer Collection!

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Summer collection blend three…

The only caffeinated tea of the bunch, this simply named orange pekoe was pretty smooth and enjoyable. I liked how malty it was and the freshly baked brown bread and hint of molasses in the flavour was great. Unfortunately it fell prey to the side effects of pandemic related shipping delays, and it also took on a spearmint flavour from the other teas it was shipped with.

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Second from the collection!

This tisane was a welcome bit of brightness to my morning. The hibiscus is a little fruity and quite forward and tart/tangy and that intensity makes it a great candidate for iced tea or cold brewing. The cooling minty finish is also really enjoyable and does differentiate this for other hibiscus forward herbal tea. I would love to see how it would work as a simple syrup for cocktails!

Only thing I would change is just amping up the mint even more.

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Probably around a month back, KayTeas & Herbs Co. reached out to me on instagram to see if I would be interested in trying their summer collection & I simply couldn’t resist! They arrived yesterday, so today I decided to do the whole collection while working from home!

I started with this blend – as someone who is NOT a big ginger tea fan, I found this surprisingly delightful!! The profile is very simple and clean, and I love the classic taste of ginger with citrus. I thought the warmth from the ginger was great, and appreciated that it wasn’t overly spicy! I think honey would be a lovely addition, but it would also be super fun to make this one into a sparkling tea!

While simple can occasionally mean boring, I think there’s really something to be said for how classic this combination is and how keeping the ingredients list simple has really allowed those flavours to truly shine!

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