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drank Thai Tea Drink by Kimbo
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I was feeling a little brave at First Oriental Market in Decatur, so I chose this can out of the fridge. It was cheap and I’m a sucker for Thai tea, so I went for it.

As far as bottled/canned Thai tea goes, I’ve only tried a few brands. Of what I’ve tried, however, this isn’t my favorite. It isn’t as sweet as what I’m used to and has a strange aftertaste that reminds of Yoo-Hoo or Ovaltine. It’s also a little coconutty, which is unexpected, but not unwelcome. But, it’s not very creamy, which is something I really go for in Thai tea. I mean, the creaminess is there, but it’s not exactly… featured.

I’ll finish the can, but I think I’ll go back to Tisane’s bottled stuff. Then again… there was another brand I didn’t recognize in there…


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