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As you may have guessed. . .I picked this tea purely on the name alone. How could I not? It cracked me up!

This tea had such a strong solid malty richness to it. I loved it. More than I thought it would . As it cooled the astringency started to really kick in and I just still loved it. Maybe my tastes are starting to change. . .again. This hit the spot. That is for sure. Just a simple non complicated solid black tea.

This tea reminded me of how much I missed the Kick The Coffee blend that Koni offers. So far I haven’t encountered a bad tea from them yet.

While I was drinking this tea, I worked on a fun blog post. I took part in the 5 Fandom Friday list today and today’s topic was "If you could pick 5 fictional pets to adopt, who would they be? "

I instantly thought Ludo from Labyrinth and Fizzgig from the Dark Crystal. Who would you pick? Just some Friday fun for you all! Happy Friday!



I’ll second Bunnicula. :) Hm..

The Cat from Coraline
moushkas from Coraline
Rowf from Plague Dogs
Einstein from Watchers
Ein from Cowboy Bebop

That was a fun bit for a Friday! :)

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Not sure how I did it, but I went thru an 1oz of this fast. Sipdown!

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I love the name of this one. I am one that does have a cup of coffee some mornings instead of going with tea. Some days I just need an extra push.

This tea was a tasty blend of black tea, puerh, vanilla, and butterscotch. All of those flavors came thru nicely. I didn’t pick up any hazelnut so I’m going to play with the parameters a bit more. The tea leaves remind me of butterscotch candy.

A yummy way to wake up that’s for sure.


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