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drank Hawthorn Glog by Koro Tea
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Had a sample of this tea that I tried this afternoon. Nice flavor, I simply boiled some water and threw the tea bag in it. The teabag had a string and staple.

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drank Marshmallow by Koro Tea
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I purchased this at Jungle Jim’s about a month ago on a whim. Finally dug it out of the tea cabinet to try it.

The “tea” itself is rather woody looking, like very pale pine or poplar. There’s a distinct vegetative smell that reminds me of something, though for the life of me I can’t place it. According to package, it’s to brew 1 tsp in 100 ml of cold water. For 30 minutes. So I’ve let it sit for 30 minutes in cold water and am now ready to try it.

It’s very pale. The color is reminiscent of a chardonnay, but even paler. Scent is similar to the unbrewed state…I know I’ve smelled something like this before.

Tastes…like water. Wait, there it is. The after-taste is identical to the smell. Woodsy, almost metallic. Barely there at all, but it does linger on the back of the tongue. Undecided if that’s a good thing.

Will definitely have to experiment with this one. Brewing it hot next time to see if improves.

8 min or more

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