Lan Cang Jing Mai Princess Bu Lang Tea Factory

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Usually a puerh comes with a wrap with its title and brand name. This one has a white paper wrap, that’s all. The inner label bears the tea factories name and a short name (Horse Caravan Tribute Cake). It’s made with Jing Mai tea leaves.

The leaves are very nice looking. At the beginning, I felt the taste was not as strong as what I had expected. But the taste is stable and long lasting. I guess it can be a great introduction cake for people who love greener oolong but are new to puerh. The tea has very pleasant aroma and almost floral aftertaste. The aftertaste is not as prominent as my favorite Meng Ku Bing Dao, but it’s also quite long lasting.

I like this tea very much. It has only a touch of bitterness and a remote feeling of astringency, both turned into moist sweetness in a second. The tea liquor feels very friendly and tasty.

Generally I tend to not believe all the puerh is the older, the better. But I don’t have the experience to predict the future of a tea either. There is a saying that some currently elegant and tasty puerh may not get more and more brilliant when being aged. This is the kind of tea that makes my hesitate, since it’s so nice, should I save some for the future, or enjoy it now and not expect much from its future?

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I say enjoy it now! :)

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