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Sipdown (720)!

Had a very early morning meeting earlier this week, so I was up and out of the house much quicker than is usual for me – I actually got to watch the sunrise as I was walking to the metro! I usually don’t eat anything in the mornings, and that day was no exception – but I was exhausted so I grabbed one of the many different kombuches in my fridge to drink on the metro for a bit of early morning caffeine.

This was a nice selection because it’s so light and refreshing for a kombucha – good for an empty stomach first thing in the morning! It’s a little citrus-y, but mostly just has a nice general white tea flavour with a very crisp finish. It’s a little sweet, but not sugary. Really excellent, and I’m happy that I picked up a bottle during the Tea Festival to have later because sipping on this while walking to the metro and watching the sunrise was just…

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Montreal Tea Festival – Tea #17

This was my absolute favourite kombucha in the whole festival – it was just incredible. It’s from a company that makes all of their kombuchas using tea from Camellia Sinensis Tea House, and you can really tell the amount of effort than they put in to making sure that the quality of the tea they’re using comes through.

I don’t know how they do it, but this kombucha manages to feel incredibly light and soft/refreshing with notes of the white tea actually being decipherable. Soft whisps of lemon and perfectly ripe green melon, with honeysuckle and fresh timothy hay. It’s so unlike any other kombucha I’ve had before – and I really, really wasn’t going to pick up any kombucha from the festival because I didn’t want to carry around the glass bottles in my backpack but I ended up making a mad dash for the stand right on my way out and snagging a single bottle, which I carried home on the metro in my hand. It’s in my fridge now, and I’m saving it for a special moment…

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More booch.

This company is interesting to me in particular because unlike a lot of Kombucha companies they’re really transparent about where the tea comes from that’s used in their Kombucha and I have a familiarity with that source! In this case, they’re using tea from Camellia Sinensis! This flavour of kombucha is actually made from a pu’erh they carry that I already own, and love!

The flavour pairings make sense to me; I think “forest berries” make a whole lot of sense mixed with earthy, sweet pu’erh and I’ve also seen and enjoyed a lot of mint and pu’erh mixes. I wonder if the wintergreen they use is also from Camellia Sinensis since that’s something they also carry? Unfortunately, I think this is one of those cases where it becomes wildly clear just how transformative the process of making kombucha is on the tea it’s done with since, even though I love the base tea on its own, I’m not loving the flavour of this kombucha so much…

It’s not vile or anything – in fact I think the blueberry is quite a lovely profile and it’s got just the right amount of tangyness/acidity. However, the wintergreen feels wrong in kombucha format – which is actually a little weird for me to say since I’m almost POSITIVE that I’ve had wintergreen in kombucha that was meant to replicate the taste of rootbeer!? That’s a very different sort of flavour profile, though…

I think it’s the acidity/tangyness of the berry and the wintergreen; it’s just not clicking for me and there were even a few sips where the wintergreen was so strong alongside the berry that I couldn’t help but think of mouthwash. Which is not the ideal flavour for me.

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