Lavender & Black

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Sipping on this now, though it’s cooled down and it room temperature now. It’s just the last quarter of the mug though; most of it I drank while hot. Cooled, more of the fruity elements of the flavour come out but hot the lavender and red rooibos base were what was most prominent. It’s a really nicely balanced fruity and floral tea – not sugary or juicy/tart but silky and smooth. Super comforting…

The perfect lazy Sunday Afternoon type of thing, really.

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This tea was a gift to me from someone on instagram during a “Secret Santa” type tea exchange this winter – and it smells quite lovely as dry leaf so I was really stoked to try it. Not that I wouldn’t have been otherwise, but this pushed me a bit over the edge. I’ve grown to like lavender in tea quite a lot over the last year…

It’s pretty solid! I actually think this it could be incredibly versatile in terms of preparation; good hot, definitely seems like it would be good iced, and maybe even as a latte!? It’s essentially a Rooibos de Provence type tea blend; which is to say it’s a very floral lavender (and rose?) rooibos tea with a nice mellow and sweet mixed berry type of profile. As an evening tea, this is right up my alley!

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