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This is the last bottle of Kombucha from the vacation. Who would have thought that my trip would be filled with so many interesting and diverse kinds of kombucha!? Certainly not me. I mean, counting the bottle I brought with from home I tried SEVEN different kinds of kombucha over the last five days. That’s a lot of kombucha.

This is the second flavour I’ve tried from the company; the other one was the cola flavoured one. I was pretty impressed with that one, but I have to say that this one was just mind blowingly good. I definitely have to put it on par with Humm’s Strawberry Lemonade which I had said earlier today was my favourite from the trip. They’re very different flavours but both completely mind blowing. I mean, this is ALSO something that I’m totally gonna seek out/try to find either locally or potentially to order online.

I mean, simply put it tastes like rootbeer. A very natural rootbeer to be sure, and less sugary/sweet than a can or bottle of normal rootbeer would be but it’s just insanely delicious! I mean, I like rootbeer in general and I tend to LOVE rootbeer teas so this definitely follows a trend and isn’t surprising in anyway. I’m just blown away with how accurate they’re able to get that flavour. It’s creamy too! Like, it almost feels like I’m drinking a float, just in kombucha form. I have zero criticisms; this was perfect.

I want like six more, right now. God, I really, really hope I’m able to find someone back home that carries this… It’s just so good.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this ‘Cola’ flavoured Kombucha. I mean, if it actually has a cola-like taste then that would be awesome! Actually fizzy, cola flavoured tea! How perfect is that?!

And you know what? It does actually have a flavour that taste likes cola! It’s certainly less sugary and sweet – which is a good thing in my back, not a drawback. Apart from the milder sweetness levels, it’s also just a lighter flavour in general. Sort of like a watered down Coke taste. Hints of lemon and lime, and some anise and spice notes when you really focus and try and break down the different parts that are making up the whole. I mean, it’s just so good.

Like, easily my favourite kombucha from the trip so far! It’s just perfectly smooth, and so unique in terms of flavour. Not overly acidic or vinegar heavy – just… wonderful!

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