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Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #2

This was the first tea I tried by MajaTei but I’ll refrain from rating it because the sample I sipped was obviously oversteeped and bitter. (Or possibly just cooked on the warmer for too long.) The staff were brewing a new pot when I wandered off so I didn’t get a chance to try it as it was meant to be.

The dried stuff smelled lovely. Oddly enough, there is also corn in this blend, for added sweetness.

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drank Crisp Apple Green Tea by MajaTei
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Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #1

Today, I took the Amtrak train up to Philadelphia to meet up with some friends for the day. We initially started out with one item on the agenda: stuff our faces with vegetarian dim sum. After some research, Christina found there was also a tea and coffee festival in town so we bought tickets (50% off coupons FTW!) and braved the horrible Philly suburb traffic to get there.

There were approximately 40 vendors in the exhibit hall and I walked around sampling as I went. I kept a mental log of what I tried, and because it actually wasn’t that many, am entering them into Steepster. Many don’t have a Steepster presence, which just needs to be remedied.

MajaTei was one of the first vendors by the door. They had a number of fruit blends that were intriguing and in hindsight I wish I had tried more of them. This was the second I tried. It was very nice. It tasted as advertised: apple and green tea. It was lovely, light, and the apple came through without sugar. I imagine some sugar would have brought the apple flavor eve more to life.

I think this is the only tea I’ve ever tried that contained apple that actually tasted like apple. I love that apple was the actual end product-flavor rather than just filler. Kudos.

Flavors: Apple


40 vendors? That sounds great!


It was such a fun time! They weren’t all peddling tea but there were enough that I was happy. Also, the admission with our discount was only $10. So worth it!

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