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Ordered crepes yesterday from brunch from a local restaurant that specializes in crepes and Moroccan food; I noticed that they had added a traditionally made Moroccan Mint tea to their menu and so I was fascinated to try it given that the owners are actually Moroccan and I figured it’d really good trying something more authentic.

I got mine iced since I was getting delivery, and with soy milk.

Honestly? It was kind of garbage. I mean, I could tell that they were using fresh mint and I appreciate that – however, it was just very astringent and not nearly as sweet/sugary as I’d expect from a traditional Moroccan Mint tea. I guess it didn’t really taste bad, but it didn’t taste great – and if you’re gonna boast an authentic Moroccan tea from your Moroccan themed restaurant then I’m gonna have high expectations…

Evol Ving Ness

Hmm, too bad.

I will mention here that Moroccans in Morocco never drink their tea with milk of any kind. Nor do they do it iced, traditionally anyway.

As for the sugar, the owners probably had a lot of negative feedback when/if they first made it the traditional way for a western clientele.

The real thing takes some getting used to, but it kind of grows on you. Initially, when I was there, it tasted like harsh hot mint syrup. After a few months of having it foisted upon you everywhere and by everybody, it’s just kind of yeah, this is the thing.

Roswell Strange

Yeah; I know milk is uncommon but I opted for it anyway – I was in a creamy tea sort of mood. I don’t think that’s what effected the overall quality of the drink, though. It did seem weird to me that it was offered iced at all – but I suppose that’s maybe just more indicative of the preferences of my city.

Next time we go in person I’m gonna do it hot just for comparisons sake – I’m just wary ordering hot beverages as take out; they always show up more like just slightly above room temp. and are gross.

Evol Ving Ness

Agreed. I look forward to hearing how the hot one works out. I hope their food is good.

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