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This was my second sample from the Lexie collection, chosen because of late, apple is just one of my favorite evening un-mint flavors.

I’ve never messed much successfully with matcha. Let me rephrase that: I make messes with matcha. But in these tidy little bags, it’s ungoofable. And there was the perfect balance of real apple-y apple and a hint of ginger (rather than half the spice canister) to make this a cup of fruity near-perfection.

Another correction: 2/3 a cup of fruity near-perfection. My son was toodling around in the kitchen; said it smelled good enough to be a candle, so I had to share a sample. It’s OK. Kid bonding over a cup of tea, even when said kid is older than some of you, was good for this mom’s heart.

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Sipdown #11
This was one of the oldest teas in my cupboard. I was gifted a ton of plain matcha at once. So it’s taken me awhile to go through. Finished this one up today by making a matcha latte made with oat milk. It’s a nice enough matcha for smoothies or lattes etc. Prepared traditionally I have some higher grade ones from other companies that I prefer to make that way. Tip: I generally make my lattes in the Vitamix using the pulse setting to get it nice and foamy.

Flavors: Grass

Boiling 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML
Cameron B.

Yay for drinking down old teas! So satisfying! :D

Mastress Alita

Last year clearing out my old matcha was a top priority, and I got into smoothies for the first time ever (I guess I never realized it is possible to make them without bananas, despite every recipe ever listing banana…) Now I have a fresh matcha stash because I liked the breakfast smoothies so much its become the new morning ritual!

Lexie Aleah

It’s satisfying for sure!
Matcha smoothies are yummy as well! I do want to try some flavored matcha as well at some point.

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Moving Tasting Note to the right spot
Tasting note from 3 years ago:
Opened this up yesterday and followed a recipe from this company’s social media page.
The Matcha Basil Lemonade recipe was actually pretty easy to make and turned out great. The whole family loved it. It uses fresh lemon juice and honey to create the lemonade aspect of the drink. If anyone want’s the recipe I’d be happy to share it.

1 tsp

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