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drank Yerba Mate Soda by Materva
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Ordered myself some empanadas for lunch yesterday, and this was one of the beverage options. I was, of course, curious how much it would actually taste like Yerba Mate and I was going to order a drink anyway, so I let it be this one.

Honestly, I was a little surprised to see it was already up on Steepster – but then I saw that it was LIquid Proust who added it in to the database, and I was less surprised. No shade, LP – just a very you thing to do, back when you were in that insane “TRY EVERYTHING” sorta mode a few years back…

I like this more than other RTD Yerba Mate beverages I’ve had – partially, yes, because it tastes less like yerba mate than some others (which are accurate, yet gross). It’s quite sweet and a little fruity – sort of like Cream Soda or Irn Bru!? Does still have a hint of smokey, herbal yerba mate though so it’s not all lost! You can’t really call this tea, but it’s tasty and a better option in my opinion than, say, Pepsi or Sprite.

It was tasty with my empanadas.


weird! i’d try it.

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drank Yerba Mate Soda by Materva
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Yes, a soda. Report me if you feel the need :P
I went into World Market for the first time yesterday and realized I’ll be broke if I go there again… anyways, I found this yerba mate soda which sounded odd and decided to give it a try.×2ra18g5

It’s basically carbonated water, sugar, and extracted yerba mate. Very strong detectable taste. Really enjoyable on a hot day :)

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