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drank Irish Breakfast by Mattu's
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When I discovered that Mattu’s served loose leaf, I was quite surprised. I was even more taken aback at the surprisingly large variety! They even have a few oolongs. I can’t think of any coffee shop that serves oolong period. So needless to say, my curiosity was piqued so I happily went in and grabbed a cup while I was at the mall.

Anyway, this blend is a bit more on the Ceylon side than I would’ve preferred, and sure the paper cup taste was getting up in my face while drinking, but it was actually a pretty decent cup of tea! Not as malty as other Irish Breakfasts (probably because it’s so heavy on the Ceylon) but it had enough weight to be satisfying. The water was boiling hot, and the tea didn’t go bitter at all, so it’s definitely not poor quality even if it’s not the best.

This of course isn’t an end-all tea, but it was definitely enjoyable! When I’m in the mall, I’ll be sure to ignore Starbucks and go to Mattu’s instead from now on.


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