McAlister's Deli

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(I’m actually commenting on the unsweet version.)

This is the only restaurant iced tea I truly like. Don’t know any of their particulars, but it is always fresh, never tastes oversteeped, and doesn’t have anything lemony, citric acidy, or preservative-y. Their deli sandwiches are tasty, too.

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I went here when I was on travel for work. There was a menu for it at the hotel, and it sounded good. What I had to eat wasn’t good at all, but this isn’t yelp! so I won’t go onto that part much. But what about the tea?

It was refreshing, but very lacking. I like a longer brew, and this didn’t have it. Shame shame. Are they sure it’s world famous? Maybe it was an off day? Maybe the worker hasn’t grasped the art of sweet tea making. (It is an art!)

This is a Northerner’s take on a Southerner’s specialty. I need a traveling teapot so I can just make my own! If you are ever in Atlanta, and want some great sweet tea, go to Folks. Their tea is just perfection…

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