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drank Coconut by McNulty's Tea
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Thanks Artp for sending me this one.

This tea is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special. It’s black tea with coconut and it achieves that perfectly. Black tea base, nice flavour, and coconut pieces, nice flavour. I’ll enjoy the sample Artp sent me but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it myself.

Update April 21/13: Tried this again today with just a pinch of spearmint added to it. It was quite good that way.


I’m pretty sure that after watching The Wire, I can’t drink anything from McNulty’s Tea. I’d be afraid it would be 90% whiskey. :)


Peppermint? That’s genius


Look at you, adding mint to other teas! Mwahahahaha!

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drank Coconut by McNulty's Tea
41 tasting notes

tastes enough of coconut,
gets boring real quick though…
Thinking about adding chai spices to it :)

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