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drank Ocha Ichiban Ryokucha by Meiji
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My pants were looser than normal on me today. I think we can all agree that this is clearly the work of the Karada Meguricha Elixir of Life. Just because it has amazing weight loss powers doesn’t mean that I can slack off on my tea reviewing mission. Nay! I must press on.

Straight green tea today, although this one styles itself as the #1 tea. Pretty big words, tea. Let’s hope you can back them up.

Yeah, no. This tea is kinda meh all around. It tastes a little roasted, a little sweet (in a kinda ick sugary way) a little bitter and a lot of nothing. Also, it’s got that weird resiny aftertaste that I was getting from the Hojicha. It seems to be a green tea that tries to be everything but ends up being nothing and the impression only increases as it gets warmer.

Really, one of my main discoveries with this whole endeavor has been the importance of drinking all of these teas while they are still cold, as letting them warm up reveals more of their, quite often not very good, flavor.

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