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Just some quick notes I jotted down while I was working about this bagged tea sample I picked up in the kiosk at our local Sam’s Club:

- North and South Indian tea blend
- Well-constructed silk pyramid bag with a clever notch on the tag to keep it from falling into the cup
- I steeped it for 7 minutes (by accident- lost track of the time) in boiling water
- Surprisingly mild flavor for 7 minutes of brewing
- Tasted slightly harsh
- Mild aftertaste
- Overall standard black tea taste- no flavor attributes shouted for attention
- Neither exceptional nor exciting

I should qualify this review by admitting I had a fine cup of Oliver Pluff English Breakfast loose leaf tea 15 minutes before this one, and Pluff was still on my palate (and mind).

Flavors: Tea

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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