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Colour: Yellow-Orange, soup is clear and glossy but with some very tiny pieces of leaves. I remarked bubbles when I pour the tea. 15 Seconds rinse.

The one I have bought come from ebay and was on special for 25.35$ (original price was 35$ plus shipping). However, I’ve seen this tea for 75.00$ (Canadian dollars), directly from the Taetea group, well not sure if it is exactly the same since it is a different but very similar wrapper but it is the same recipe (7542). I think it is just a different brand (the brand of the cake from ebay is HELLOYOUNG and the brand from Taetea is Menghai Dayi — Is this tea a fake, or the real thing, or a lesser quality of tea? I think the brand I have is an lesser quality but let taste it.

1st stepping 3:00 minutes: Sweet honey notes with a touch of bitterness, earthy green. After the tea cool down, it really taste quickly like honey with some apricot flavour and no bitterness, so far so good. The honey flavour is very persistent and strong — mellow, very sweet and a bit earthy.

2nd stepping 4:00 minutes: Still taste like honey but not so strong anymore, more like a sweet dark wood. Subsequent sip taste like grounded pepper. Seem to have more subtle different flavours — more flavours that I can’t process at this time.

3rd and last stepping 5:00 minutes: Dark grounded pepper and dark woody — no other flavour detected. I think, I cannot have more flavours from this tea, seem that 3 stepping is what you can get out from this one.

Last thought: I really like this sheng puerh but I have in the past taste better ones. There are allot of puerh tea with the same recipe # (7542) and that come from Taetea, prices varies from 15$ to 80$ (on ebay).

For the price, it is amazing but it doesn’t rival tea that cost allot more. Also, I have bought in the past some sheng puerh that cost 50$ to 60$ and doesn’t taste better that the one I just reviewed.

WATER USED: Nestle Pure Life

Flavors: Apricot, Bitter, Black Pepper, Dark Wood, Earth, Green, Honey, Sweet

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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