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Recent Tasting Notes

I bought two of these cakes and someone bought one from me during the large group buy.

The leaf looked very nice in the picture so I went with the gamble due to the price and how I felt with the wrapping ect…

Wasn’t expecting much, but when I unwrapped the cake it looked beautiful with the loose compression allowing the silver hairs to be seen and the different hues bounced off of each other in a way that says ‘break me off good’. The leaf smells like a sweet bulang but once it’s brewed that smell vanishes and you get more of a sharp young sheng; that I’m about to make your tongue curl up.

The steeps are mild and while the sharp notes fade quickly, the mouth is left with a tingly feeling for a good 30 seconds which is quite nice. Not as dry of a finish as many teas have, but still a slight dryness as you continue. Easily going through 12 steeps on this which is crazy because I wouldn’t think such a cheap cake would last this long and still be pleasant.

This ended up around $17 total when shipped and fees added. Right next to the 2007 Mengku, this is such a fantastic value. I can see myself picking up more of these along with the 07 Mengku (again).

Liquid Proust

This just lighted up even more… so good, little sweetness pops out with some vegetable notes.


It’s nice. I drank it about a week ago.

Liquid Proust

For $17/357 it’s an easy rebuy.


No doubt. When you place another I may want to piggyback something from them.

Liquid Proust

Not sure when it’ll be with moving and bills… probably… November maybe? You’ll know :)


No worries. Make sure to keep me updated on the address.

Rui A.

I’ll keep an eye for the next group buy too.

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