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Recent Tasting Notes

Yay! I finally found a puerh that I actually really enjoy for the flavor and not just cause I’m trying to get myself to like it. I order 2 more yixing pots from an amazingly generous and knowledgeable tea seller on aliexpress. You can see the pictures (highly recommend) here:


They are so cute. I want more like a thousand more. I love them all.

Anyway, the seller included this tea because I was buying a two pots. I wasn’t too excited but since he was offering, I accepted. This tea honestly tastes like buttery sticky rice. Very delicious. Brewed up gongfu style as I wasn’t sure how else to make it. I’m really enjoying it. Has some definite puerh’ness about it but it works really well with the buttery sticky rice. YUM!


oh. my. god. woman. those are all amazing…totally jealous though my toher half would kill me if i started collecting those too….


Those are all so gorgeous!


man, they’re all lovely but that blue one is stunning.

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