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I usually try to do a better job filling out the tea entries for brand new teas when the information is available – especially the kombucha/RTDs that I try, but with Steepster being so buggy/glitchy right now with the ongoing cache issues I don’t want to invest in that time at the moment…

This was from the week before I started working from home more regularly – I got a free drink with an Uber Eats order from a local vegan place as part of deal for spending so much on my lunch, so I just added the most interesting sounding kombucha that they offered. I’ve never heard of/seen “Mission Kombucha” carried anywhere else…

It was actually shockingly good – more orange than cranberry, despite having a very red colour to the bottled drink, but it did have this undertone of cranberry/red fruit that differentiated it from a simple orange flavour. I actually think, all things considered, that if I was drinking it blindly without knowing the flavour that I probably would have assumed it was a blood orange flavour!

Anyway, it was good and if I order from this restaurant again I’,m definitely going to explore the other flavours that they have from this company.

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