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drank Gyokuro by Mitsukoshi
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Going down to Orlando for one day is horrible, but fun. Definitely a longer trip next time. This morning I felt like the child who was screaming bloody murder about leaving Epcot last night.

So no shop really had what I wanted, except Japan. Actually I didn’t intend on buying any tea at all but it was either this or every plate and bowl with an owl on it. My boyfriend’s brother’s friend works for Disney so he got us in free, and he got a 35% discount on shopping purchases. So this 50g pouch with a little Lucky Owl (to bring me patience) was not even $10.

Normally it’s $11. It’s in a gold foil bag that doesn’t reseal. But it’s sure immediate to tell it’s higher quality than the super cheap Gyokuro I bought in bulk. It’s obviously not as good as an even more expensive gyokuro considering the amount of dust, which I’m not sure is normal or the result of having to be carried around for like 9 hours. The leaves turned such a bright green as they steeped. Bright as grass that’s been perfectly manicured and watered.

I didn’t bother to follow the instructions since it called for boiling water and I think a 3 minute steep. I probably steeped it for half that. The liquor is the light neon color I’ve noticed in my genmaicha with matcha added. I don’t believe the cheap gyokuro did this! And it smells so good, like spring.

This is intoxicating. It seems so light, but it’s sweet and just perfectly grassy. It’s easy to sip and it’s so enjoyable. I’m glad my water temperature didn’t turn it bitter. I realized too late I probably wanted it a little cooler, but perhaps it really could stand up to boiling. I don’t think I’ll try though. It almost tastes effervescent upon taking a sip too.

I’d say I’m surprised to have gotten this at Disney but it was a Mitsukoshi store after all, I just wish I had bought one of the owl teapots there too! They were so cute and they’re so expensive on eBay!

185 °F / 85 °C

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