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drank Jasmine Green by Mooi
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The usual story, at a coffee shop. “Have you got any loose leaf tea?”
“Yes, we have chai, green, earl grey, english breakfast or chamomile.”? “Great”
Ok, so I can’t have the Earl Grey, beacuse I’m allergic to it. Can’t have the chai because some chais contain lemon or orange peel, that allergy again. Can’t have the chamomile because it tastes like dried dung beetles and I haven’t lst my mind. Can’t let us tea geeks down by having Englis Breakfast. So it must be green, and hope it’s not too bitter.
The waitress that served it called it Jasmine tea. I told her I’d oredred the green. She said “It’s the same thing”.
If there was any jasmine, it was obliteration by the over steeping, the over-teaing and the boiling water.
I couldn’t actually tell if it was Japanese or Chinese or perhaps grown by industrious penguins in the Arctic Circle.
I added two sugars and couldn’t make it drinkable.
The shopping centre I was at burnt down about 7 years ago. I suspect the arsonist had been served this tea. If so, a justifiable crime in my opinion.

Boiling 8 min or more

I vote for penguins in the Arctic Circle. ;D

The ignorance people have about tea is alternately hilarious and annoying. A few months ago when I was at a restaurant I asked to have some tea with a meal and one of the options the waitress gave me was ‘orange peacock’. Head, meet desk.


I’ve given up and just bring my own. The waiters at our favorite restuarants are used to it now and my husband is only a little embarrassed.

Robert Godden

I have taken my own before.
I once went to a superb Indian restaurant and had a great meal, followed by masala chai. The chai had a good spice mix but the tea was rather poor. When I spoke to the waiter, he told me that the chef combined the spices once a week, and then ripped open tea bags to get loose tea. I wonder why to this day!

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