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drank Dream Dust by Moon Juice
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Another one of those weird herbal drinks that probably doesn’t quite count as tea, but it’s advertised as a powder to be added to tea so I think it counts just enough…

Anyway; I feel weird about adaptogens. Also things that are marketed the way that Moon Juice markets this entire line up of powders – not my shit at all. Also, this brand (I think the Sex Dust, specifically?) was featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s weird “GOOP” blog or whatever – so that probably already tells you all you need to know about this brand.

So focusing purely on taste experience: this was nasty. It tasted just like a mild ashwagandha/chamomile flavour – which isn’t TERRIBLE but also not flavour notes that I’m personally a fan of either. Bigger issue for me is that it doesn’t dissolve and is very clumpy, so texturally it was unpleasant drinking this. I could feel the mealy powder in the water that wasn’t mixing well with it at all, and there was so many clumps of it at the bottom of my mug.

All kinds of gross.

Lexie Aleah

Maybe it would mix up better in a smoothie or something.


I was thinking the same thing as Lexie Aleah. It might not be meant to be prepared as a tea. --Actually just checked out their website and it’s meant to be blended with milk.


lol gwyneth paltrow

Mastress Alita

I remember Good Mythical Morning used the Sex Dust one for one of their “Will It Gravy?” episode. Of course that isn’t the intended use for these things, but it was still one of the worst things in that episode… I vaguely recall them describing it tasting like a medicine cabinet, or something to that effect.

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