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When I was out with the tree doctor today, I noticed that my spearmint was going crazy! I decided to make some fresh mint tea with honey as my evening tea. I’ve never done it before! I searched the internet for recipes, then I settled on:

1/2 cup fresh spearmint leaves (some recipes say you can leave the stems and leaves together, but I didn’t because I wanted to take a measure of how many leaves I used)
2 cups of water

Wash you leaves well. Mash/tear them a bit so they release their oils. In a saucepan, boil 2 cups of water. Throw in your mint leaves, stir and cover. I infused them for 4 minutes because some recipes said 3 minutes and some said 5 :) Strain into your cup(s). I am having a GIANT 16 oz mug!

If you’d like it sweetened, you can use whatever sweetener you’d like. I chose honey, and used a teaspoon for the big mug of tea.

I love it!!! The spearmint is so soothing. It tastes minty, of course, but also green. Fresh. Alive! I can’t wait to make it again and again!! I can see adding a slice of lemon, or a little ginger, or both! I can also see mixing multiple herbs. My coworker gave me some lemon balm seeds and some chamomile seeds – got to get to planting!

If you make fresh mint tea I would love to hear how you make it!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I’m also realizing that you can put the mint leaves into your teapot, and pour the boiling water over them from your kettle, then strain into your cup(s) just like any tea! I think I will do that next time, because I enjoy using my teapot :)


Now that sounds good and I have some fresh mint growing…I have tried mint tea w/black tea and fresh mint before but never just mint and water…


Awesome. I just found a patch of spearmint in my yard last weekend (we just moved in in Feb). Mine is just starting to come in so I’ll sadly have to wait a month to try this.


Mmm I’ll have to try that, it sounds great. I have a peppermint plant that always produced plenty of greenery in the spring and summer.


Oh, that sounds divine! I’d try it if I didn’t have the brownest thumb on the planet. ;)


When we had live spearmint—drought got it a couple years ago—I’d just dry it in a tray in the sun, then crumble and keep in a tin to drop in with other teas. Worked well.


Rabs – It is almost impossible to kill mint. It will take over if you let it. Just buy a plant at a nursery and pop it in the ground.


Kristin – I’ll give it a go at some point (I’ve admittedly never tried herbs). My ex was a “plant whisperer” and could take a stick, plant it, and it’d come to life. He asked me to take care of his plants once. Just once. He saved them all except one :(


Rabs – if you do plant it outside, the only other thing I would say about it is plant it in a container, even if you are going to put it in the ground. Mint loves to creep and take over the entire garden!!!

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