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drank Savasana by Namastea
27 tasting notes

I wouldn’t have picked this one for myself, but I brewed up the sample bag one evening after a long day of traveling. Now, I wouldn’t have picked this because I’m not usually a fan of chamomile, unless it’s used cleverly within a blend.

In Savasana tea, the main star is definitely the chamomile. I like lemon balm and verbena – I even have the prior growing in my yard for steeping up in teas. Unfortunately, here I just get a cooling, medicinal-sweet herbal cough drop/Ricola sort of vibe backing up the chamomile. I can totally get how this would be soothing, but I only drank about half the cup. Once it cooled down it was too much for me.

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drank Savasana by Namastea
9 tasting notes

I always drink this when I need something to help me sleep, or I’ve had a tough day at work and need to just completely de-stress :)

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