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Recent Tasting Notes

I didn’t think this one had a strong caffeine content, but I guess I was proven wrong! Or maybe I just was pushing it too hard by drinking it last night at 11pm. Made a large pot, had a few cups at my parents’ house, then decanted the rest into a bottle to take with me. Waste not, want not!

It certainly kept me awake throughout the drive back to my house. And then up to maybe four in the morning. Ahh, if only I had president’s day off like my sisters do. Woke up late, and dragged the rest of the bottle with me to work. Tea at work that isn’t Liptons/Bigolow= not a bad day. It doesn’t taste so much like oolong when it’s cool, more of just good tea mouth feel, probably because I couldn’t smell it much.

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Great tasting oolong tea bags. My parents came home from LA with a few of these boxes one year and put them to the side for Lunar New Year gifts. We kept two boxes for ourselves and I kind of wish we had kept all of them. One bag is more than enough for a large tea pot, and even two to three steepings if you pull it out inbetween. I always prepare this one when the relatives come over and more than once have been asked about it.


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